Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lamentation of a Devotee

Verse 2 of Sri Siksastakam
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, the golden avatar of Lord Sri Krishna, appeared on this earth just 520 years ago, and displayed his pastimes as a devotee, one madly searching after Himself.
He instructed his disciples and followers to write hundreds of volumes of books on philosophy. But He Himself left only Eight Beautiful
Verses of Instruction.
Here in the blog, i present one verse per day over the next eight days. Feel free to comment on these verses. They contain the complete theory and practice of pure love for God, from the lips of Sri Krishna Caitanya, God in the role of His own devotee.

namnam akari bahudha nija sarva saktis
tatrapita niyamitah smarane na kalah
etadrisi tava krpa bhagavan mamapi
durdaivam idrsam ihajani nanuragah

Translation & Commentary:

Your holy names appear in a variety of forms and languages.
And you invest all your personal powers in them.

(Your names have infinite power to purify and attract the soul, because They are non-different from you, the all-attractive Supreme Soul.)

And my Lord, you make no restrictions of time or place
for remembering your divine names.

(There is no need for a priest or moderator, for qualification,
or for being a member of any caste or creed.)

Your mercy is unequalled, Bhagavan.

But my condition is most unfortunate!

Despite your generosity, I have not become attached to any of your names!!

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