Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Parama Karuna

One of Srila Prabhupada's favorite Bengali bhajans is a song by Srila Locan das Thakur, Sri Sri Gaura-Nityanander Doya. It's commonly known as "Parama Karuna," from the first two words of the song.

Those two persons, dui jana, who are the supremely kind divinity, are actually Nitai and Gauracandra. They are the most precious of all jewel-like transcendental avatars. Amongst divine incarnations who descend from Vaikuntha, these two are the best. In this descent, they don't kill any big demons with weapons. They deliver the demoniac masses with the power of their Ecstatic Love.

The songwriter then tells the listener: dear brother, with firm faith, let go of your material addictions. Give up the imaginary pursuit of pleasure and prestige in this world. Absorb yourself in Nama prabhu. Chant his names and connect to the Lord.

Then he says: Don't worry, you will never find anyone in this universe more merciful or more generous than these two Brothers. They will easily deliver you. Even birds and animals taste ecstasy and stones melt just by hearing of their transcendental qualities.

Finally, Locan das laments on our behalf. It seems that death will force him to suffer the reactions of his karma, because he stubbornly clings to his material identity. He cries that he is unable to aspire for the lotus feet of Nityananda and Caitanya.

Prabhupada's singing of this bhajan is wonderful. Two versions: CDV 21-05 and CDV 23=05 in the Vintage Series. There are also English purports spoken by Prabhupada after each song.