Sunday, August 5, 2007

Confession of a Crazy Rascal

Should anyone judge me or call me an 'aparhadi' for calling them or one of their favorite devotee friends or siksa guru a "crazy rascal," i would like to confess to being a crazy rascal myself. In fact, i consider myself "crazy rascal no. 1."

No one can compete with me in terms of the quality of my madness. Part of this quality is my acceptance of the slightest praise that may come to me, and my rejection of any criticism or fault finding about me. I refuse to accept any responsibility for anything. If you object to anything in me that is objectionable, i shall have nothing more to do with you and shall find ways to defend myself and attack you either to your face or behind your back! This is only natural.

Furthermore, i reserve the right to interpret, edit and change anything written or spoken by the pure devotee who so mercifully offered me free treatment for my madness. I will do this in his name, so that no one can object to it, and to cover myself from any blame for making these changes.
I will take credit for being the one who properly understands the inner meaning of the pure devotee.

Finally, i shall instruct all my godbrothers and also those junior to me in an arrogant and self righteous manner as to the correct siddhanta. In this way, no one will be able to detect that i have learned nothing in all the years i have practiced austerity, bhajan and study, and that i plan to remain this way as long as possible. Shhhh!

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