Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yom Kippur Blues

Today in New York, it's Yom Kippur, the holiest of Jewish holidays, a full day (from sundown yesterday) of a nirjal fast by observant Jews. It's also Ekadasi. So the Jews who observe Yom Kippur, get the benefit of fasting for Ekadasi as well, at least until sundown. Unfortunately, they will not break their fast with Krishna prasadam. The elephant bathes in the river, and then throws mud over his clean body.

That seems to be one of the recurring themes in this material world. Crematorium renunciation. We see a dead relative being cremated, and it makes us want to renounce. Then a few hours or days later, we forget the dead body and again want to enjoy.

The Jews have certainly suffered. But that does not prevent them from wanting to enjoy, being falsely proud of their intelligence, arrogant and hostile to their half-brothers, the Palestinians. And the Muslims, despite Mohammed having said that God gave Israel to the Jews, cannot tolerate that other faiths exist, especially if those faiths are successful materially. Envy boils their blood and makes them run for the sword, quoting verses from the Koran.

Envy along with greed, also rules the global capitalists. Their operating principle is to exploit and distribute the stolen wealth widely enough so that every good thief can have his slice of the pie. The winners take in billions while the majority go into debt to consume their little piece.

And that leaves the vaisnavas. Where are the vaisnavas? Most of them are following the materialists, accumulating wealth and prestige. Building temples, maintaining big bank balances, collecting large numbers of disciples, traveling around the globe like corporate executives and feeling good about themselves, thinking they are saving the world.

No wonder i got the Yom Kippur Blues.

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