Sunday, December 30, 2007

Signing Off

As the year 2007 comes to a sudden end, i'm impulsively thinking to sign off and not write more on this blog, at least for awhile. They didn't renew my contract for next year. (That's a joke.)

Seriously, i have enjoyed writing and sharing a bit of my mood and inspiration with myself and with you, dear readers, most of whom are my friends. But i am not feeling enthusiastic at this particular time, and therefore i don't feel i have anything more significant to say for now.

One thing i would like to say in signing off, is how much i appreciate Srila Prabhupada's love for me, which came in the form of his preaching. By removing the false hopes and dreams of materialistic thinkers-- of scientists, politicians and religionists-- from the altar of my intelligence, he gave me the gift of true knowledge. That light of confidential knowledge still remains a wonderful hope on the horizon of my consciousness.

That understanding is just a glimmer of the dazzling effulgence of Krishna, but it is more beautiful and valuable to me than millions and billions of glow worms from the material sky whose illusory tricks can no longer cheat me. So thank you, Srila Prabhupada, for your gift of transcendental light. A gift you gave to me and others with your love and hard work. And thank you, dear readers, for sharing in this matchless gift.

I wish to each of you a new year that brings new realizations, closer connections with saintly persons, and more feelings of love for Sri Krishna in your heart. Somehow the mercy of Patita Pavana shall shine on us. Where there is Godhead, there is no darkness.

all my good wishes,
nava jauvana das


Billy said...

Happy New Year, Nava Jauvana!

And please forgive me for going on so about current events.

I was just getting over 911 you see, which we in the TV News business covered in NYC as if we were emergency services personnel, working when others went home to their families. Although we are not in Pakistan I find current events are as traumatic in many ways, and as you know I have adopted Muslim Children.

As a man of light, I really hope to hear more music from you in the coming year, expanding further on Sri Prabupada's words to you. It is a beautiful thing that music and art is such an integral part of the Indian spiritual tradition. By contrast in the West these realms have been left mostly to the dominion of materialistic man centered philosophies.

Art, music, even politics and the media are in desperate need of the light, the whole world is I think. But as Mahatma Gandhi said, "We cannot realise Rama by reading the Ramayana, or Krishna by reading the Gita, or Allah by reading the Koran, or Christ by reading the Bible; the only means of realising them is by developing a pure and noble character." From this perspective in reality, we really are all walking the same path.

We're in the same boat, really. And I consider myself lucky to share the boat with people like you.

All the best Brother.

jauvana said...

Thanks for your comments and the New Year's greeting. Same to you. Let's hope we are both in the boat of the holy names of the Lord. That is the luxury liner to cross over this traumatic ocean of material life.