Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jackie Warner 1917-2008

My uncle, Jackie Warner, just passed away at the age of 91. Uncle Jack was an unusual person. He was from the depression and WWII generation and his politics and life views were molded by those times. But his heart and spirit belonged to show business. He was trained as a classical dancer and went on to work as a professional dancer in night clubs and on Broadway. Later he worked in television and in theatres around the world as an actor, producer and director.

He looked and acted 15-20 younger than his natural age, and he even had a driver's license and passport to prove it! He was someone who wanted to entertain people. He was also a humble man, making others feel important by always being very personal with them and appreciating even the least positive reciprocation.

Uncle Jack was independent-minded and eccentric. Pink was his favorite color for shirts and socks, although he was not gay in the least. He could never say 'no' to anyone who asked him for charity, and he gave away tens of thousands of dollars to people he never met. He was a generous and talented person who had an interesting life.

He tolerated the indignities and loneliness of growing old. He didn't complain, but didn't like it either. His sudden passing away on his 91st birthday was, i believe, a gift to him. I'll miss him. But my sadness is far outweighed by my certainty that he's going on to a bright new engagement in a fresh body. And this time, he's going to be dancing for the Lord.

Uncle Jack: May Krishna smile on you and the sun shine on you, forever.

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Atmavidya said...

I never met him personally, only "knew" him just a little from what you told me about him. Anyhow, I like to join into the good wishes for "Uncle Jack" and that he indeed will be blessed with a next lifetime of being a devotee. There are certain people we meet or even are related to that somehow clearly appear to be devotees - only the time has not matured yet. I had a achool teacher like that who always appreciated when I spoke and wrote about Krishna consciousness and gave me good grades for it even when I was technically missing the subject. Atmavidya Das, Hamburg/Germany