Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No News is Good News

This material world-- particularly in this age of Kali-- is so intrinsically deceitful and dangerous, that the expression "no news is good news" really fits. When one reads the news or sees it on television, it's overwhelmingly based on tragedy, anxiety, envy or lies (what the politicians call "spin"). No one is bold enough to really tell the truth; hardly anyone is wise enough to see the truth.

And the truth shall set you free.

One very nice blog i would like to recommend is It's by my old friend, Ananda Swarup Swami. He's got some good stuff to share. The truth about his experiences in and out of Iskcon.

One other bit of news. I decided to take down my web site: for now. It's been up on the web for almost 5 years. Its original purpose was to promote and sell my album, Jivatma Express. That was a colossal failure. I still have 1,000 cds in storage. I want to give them away now, but i need to figure out how. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

The website was nice, designed by a good web designer from Holland and it's been visited by a good number of folks, But for me, as the artist, it was static. So today i downloaded all the website's files using a very nice program called FileZilla (from Mozilla, the makers of Firefox), and put them in a folder on my desktop. Then i cancelled the web hosting for the site. So it's gone. All things must pass. Gotta close a door to open a new one i figure.


Sita-pati das said...


I liked the album. You could put it up for free on, with a Creative Commons License, and then sell your CDs for a nominal cost from there.

Carlo Ananda said...

My friend Devananda, who will be visiting shortly, has some experience with promoting a CD he made of old recording of Reggae artists in Jamaica. I will ask his opinion and let you know.

Thank you for recommending my Blog.

Billy said...

Give them away! Ack! Then sell me a hundred for mmm - a buck each!

See Jau, what you really need is a good multi level marketing scheme.

jauvana said...

Hey Bill--
thanks for the offer! the main thing is to find people who could appreciate the music. the economics of this is not important to me.

WillStG said...
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Billy said...

The thing is, people tend to value things that cost them. Just as we grow roots when we suffer for what we believe in.

And when it's a great Bargain, well! Then people really appreciate something! But free doesn't invoke interaction as much.

When I was young I had this epiphany that my mind considered my personal concepts to be possessions, for in the realm of spirit a thought concept and a material thing aren't so different from the perspective of how we develop attachments.

Not that you should feel guilty at all if people become attached to your art! You want that! And as they say, Possession is 9/10th of the law, and we are designed to attach to healthy things I think. Later on, we learn to let go...

I will take a large number of Jivatma Express CD's off your hands though. There are some ears I would like to open with them - at least.

jauvana said...

Bill-- that's nice. i know there are lots of ears that would be attracted to Jivatma Express. As the artist, i could not begin to figure out how to promote the cd. And as a friend of mine in UK wrote, the cd model is not what's happening anymore. it's all mp3 or 4 or 5...
as i mentioned in this post, i took down my web site and would like to put something back up a lot more dynamic. i have music videos/slide shows of some of the songs and would love to do more interactive stuff. if you have any ideas, let me know.