Saturday, June 9, 2007

Doyal Nitai Caitanya

The merciful Nityananda & Caitanya
a song by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur

doyal nitai caitanya bole, nac re amar man

“Dear mind, chant the merciful names of Nitai and Caitanya and dance.”

nac re amar man, nac re amar man

“O my mind, just dance, just dance!!”

emon doyal to nai he, mar kheye prema dey

“No one is more merciful than Nityananda Prabhu, who gave prema to someone who beat him!”

(tobe) aparadha dure jabe, pabe prema-dhan
(aparadhera-bicara to nai he)

“He does not take your offenses into account when you chant the names of Gaura Nitai, and after your offenses have gone, you will get the treasure of prema.”

tokhon krsna-name ruci hobe, ghucibe bandhan

“By Nitai’s mercy you will get a taste for Krishna’s names and your material struggle will be over.”

(anuraga to hobe he) tokhon anayase saphala hobe jivera jivan
(krsna-rati bina jiban to miche he)

“You’ll become deeply attached to the names of Krishna and your life will be successful. Without this attachment, life is simply a disappointment.”

sese vrndavane radha-syamer pabe darasan
(gaura-krpa hole he)

“With the mercy of Gauranga, you’ll receive a vision of Radha and Shyam in the forest of Vrindavan at the end of your life.”

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