Friday, June 8, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom

The transcendental brilliance of nitya lila om visnupada Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur can be appreciated by hearing just a few of the divine instructions he gave to his disciples.

An exalted devotee or mahabhagavata knows that all others are his spiritual masters. Therefore an exalted devotee is jagad-guru.

A person who flatters others cannot become a guru.

Many people wrongly accept imitation as following. They are two separate things. To dress like Narada Muni is imitation, but to practice sadhana as Narada displayed is following.

One can never become eligible to serve Govinda by neglecting to serve he who is Sri Nanda nandana’s life and soul (the pure devotee), or by neglecting to serve that person’s servants (the disciples of the pure devotees, the godbrothers).

Our only bridge to cross over this material world is to follow the footsteps of the mahajans.

Life as an animal, a bird, insect or any other species is acceptable, but taking shelter of deceit, duplicity and pretense is completely unacceptable.

Simple-heartedness is synonymous with vaisnavism.

Drawing conditioned souls away from their perverted attachments to the material energy is the greatest compassion. To rescue even one soul from mahamaya's prison, is a greater act of compassion than to open millions of hospitals.

We have not come to this world to be construction workers. We are messengers of Sri Caitanya dev's instructions.

We are not doers of good or bad deeds, nor are we scholars or fools. We are the shoe carriers of Hari’s pure devotees and our mantra is:
kirtaniya sada hari.

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